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Welcome to Pacific Renbukai Bogu Karate Do


     We are a Traditional Japanese Karate Do Group dedicated to the practice of full contact karate do with the safety use of Japanese Bogu armor.    We officially represent the  karate ka (Renbukai Japan and Renbukai USA) whom advocate all traditional Japanese karate ka participation in the steadfast belief of the full contact of Renbukan.  With over 600,000 practitioners world wide we encourage all traditional stylists to embrace this century old discipline.  As a certified Renbukai dojo group with instructors that are Japanese dan holders we offer other karate professional practicioners a practical link to improving their accreditation standards by adopting the use of Japanese BOGU as an accurate fighting method to acquire the ultimate in full contact sparring (kumite) .  By protecting the head with lightweight equipment made with a durable helmet plastic, insulated comfort foam interior and high clad aluminum face cage- punching to the head can be accurately and powerfully executed without hesitation.

   For over 50 years the Renbukan organization based has been based in Japan, as one of the prominent Karate organizations it originated the All Japan Karate do Federation.  Since that time Renbukai has embraced all traditional karate stylists into its philosophy.  Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Shito-Ryu, Uechi-ryu and Wado-ryu are among the finest karate do systems that participate in the Renbukai full contact method and compete in various Bogu tournaments within Japan.    

   Now in America, we offer the rare  chance to become part of Renbukai USA and Renbukai Japan as an affiliated dojo and we provide you with the opportunity to: purchase the highest quality Japanese professional bogu and provide you with the education for formalized training with official standard of safe equipment so that you can practice and hone your karate skills of combat with full impact and maximum safety. 

Call us for more information 503-975-0448. To purchase BOGU, to become a Renbukai member Dojo or to study Renbukai Karate-




Bogu Sparring in Japan 2010 (increased safety for Children)






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